I’m watching The Walking Dead

“5 minutes to go…my body is so ready…let’s GOOOOOOOOOO!”

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    The Walking Dead on tvtag

I’m watching The Walking Dead

“5 minutes to go…my body is so ready…let’s GOOOOOOOOOO!”

1357 others are also watching. The Walking Dead on tvtag

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she went awf

#you do not understand white mom culture until you’ve watched this video

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*plays Brotha by Angie Stone in the background and dims the lights* I continue to thank God for the men with skin rich in melanin. He took his time on you. You beautiful black men…with your beards and tattoos…your intelligence…your wit…strong-willingness to bend the rules. The protectors. The workers. Our Princes. Our Kings. Us beautiful black women, thank you for treating us as Princesses and Queens. We love you.

I want them all 😍

Jesus take the wheel !

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Young love…


Young love…

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I didn’t mean to pry. I hope I had better social skills in my previous life, right? I don’t want to chase you out with my insensitive questions.

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"A woman of color’s self-love is political and radical, and it is unsettling for the status quo because she is choosing bravely to dismantle the narratives of racist aesthetics against her. So when people bully a girl of color for being content and satisfied with her appearance - a reality that is subjected to racist, sexist slurs in cosmetic industries - and when they tell her to be “humble” which is normative code for “Nah, you’re not special, you’re not light and delicate in a Eurocentric way” then she has every right to chew their hearts and spit them out. A non-white girl’s self-love is revolutionary and anyone trying to water it down needs to back right off."
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Off The Wall <3 




Off The Wall <3 

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Michael Jackson + Cyndi Lauper

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His and Her Royal Highness

Is this real?  

No, it’s a mass hallucination on the part of American children of the ’90s.

(Or a 1995 made-for-TV version of Rogers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella, if you prefer.)

This was the best.

this is the only version of cinderella that matters

Interracial parents and Filipino son. Never ever did I question whether or not they were a family.

all i new was that brandy was cinderella and that meant the world to me.

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Toni Braxton’s book signing part 1/3. Requested by Anonymous.

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